What is Acupuncture?

Based in the traditions and wisdom of the East, and clinically proven in the West, acupuncture medicine treats a variety of dysfunctions and diseases. With the insertion of a single use, filiform needle into a specific point on the body, a healing response is initiated. In addition to the use of needles, acupuncture medicine may include electrostimulation, cupping, guasha, tuina, and moxibustion. These modalities collectively work to treat the root cause of the concern.

Sports medicine acupuncture, through RCT’s. has been shown to induce short term pain relief and aid in the recovery from dysfunction to an injured body regions(s) through systemic and local mechanisms acting as mediators to the central and nervous systems. This noninvasive, conservative approach for managing sports injuries has been effective for a myriad of upper and lower extremity concerns such as, but not limited to, rotator cuff injury, shin splints, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, lateral meniscus rupture, impingement syndrome, ganglion cysts, DOMS, lateral epicondylitis, and more. Acupuncture has also been recognized for its ability to increase the rate of return for athletes to their given sport.

Note, it is important to evaluate several factors when considering methods such as acupuncture, electrostimulation acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping therapy. Mechanism of injury, phases of repair, state of health prior to injury, and current, intensity of sport (recreational/professional) and more. All of these collectively will guide your acupuncturist as they work to heal your sport related injury.

Acupuncture has been widely researched for its ability to reduce pain, aid in stress relief, increase quality of sleep, to address digestive concerns, regulate menses, and reduce headaches. Want to know more? Book your initial visit today!


Initial Visit

During this 90 minute session, you will meet with your acupuncturist and discuss your health and wellness goals. The session will include an in depth interview to uncover the causes of your concerns and how best to meet your goals through acupuncture medicine, lifestyle and diet. Following the interview, acupuncture and any applicable modalities will be used to begin your healing journey. After the session is completed, your acupuncturist will discuss a treatment plan best suited for your needs.

Initial Visit Cost: $125


Follow Up Visit

This 50 minute session, will include an abbreviated interview to discuss any changes or shifts in your body since the initial treatment. Next, our acupuncturist will guide you through another healing session. After the session is completed, your treatment plan will be evaluated and discussed.

Follow Up Cost: $90



During this 30 minute session, our acupuncturist will consult with you briefly regarding your concerns and apply the proven method of cupping to address your healing needs. These sessions are ideal for relieving muscle tension or soreness, boosting immunity, aiding in digestive upset and for overall relaxation.

Cupping cost: $40