~ Felice Freiwald, Tonic Trails Lead Therapist

The power of touch is something I’ve been aware of since I was a child. Whether it’s the calming effect of a parent rubbing a child’s back, the healing warmth of a hug, or the love of holding someones hand, touch can have a profound effect on one’s well being.

At a young age I was always asking for someone to rub my neck or starting a massage train with my friends. It was no surprise to many that I found myself in massage school after 7years of trying to figure out what to do with my English Literature degree from The University of Maryland. I was waiting tables and bartending, enjoying mountain life, when my right leg started to occasionally give out from under me.

I spoke to a friend who had just graduated from massage school and she knew immediately what I needed. I went to her office and she worked the trigger points in my piriformis muscle along with the many other knots and dysfunctional parts of my body. Heaven. Leg healed. The next day I was filling out an application to massage school. I graduated from The Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2000. While in school I focused in Neuromuscular Therapy, I wanted to heal peoples aches and pains. I had amazing teachers that went above and beyond to share their knowledge of the body with me. My first internship was at Mapleton Rehabilitation Center in Boulder.

There I worked with people recovering from various surgeries and learned a tremendous amount about not only the healing process, but the emotional tole of being in pain for so long takes on people. I quickly had patients asking to see me and I found great joy in watching them progress in their rehab. My second internship was at the University of Colorado working with the track and football team. Here I got to work on athletes after practice, games, and meets.

It was at this point that I really started to build the foundation for my future as a massage therapist. Recognizing repetitive use disorders in athletes, how the body responds to massage before and after exercise, stretching, listening, and watching bodies move. After graduating I immediately rented an office with a Chiropractor near where I lived in Nederland. I will never forget that old office with the wind blowing right through the walls, some days I was sure we would get blown to Kansas.

From the beginning I aligned myself with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists offering therapeutic massage and injury recovery. In 2009 a Chiropractor in Golden encouraged me to move my practice down the mountain so she could refer her patients to me. I went for it and my practice has thrived ever since. Throughout the years I have helped people recover from such things as whiplash, migraine headaches, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, low back disorders, repetitive use imbalances, computer neck and arm, and more. Many of my clients come to me after they have tried everything, they are defeated, and looking at surgery or have just decided they will have to live with the pain.

I work with an incredible team of professionals here in Golden and together, we strive to get people back to life and back out on the trail. When I’m not working you can find me running on the trails, skiing, mountain biking, fishing, taking pictures, and all around adventuring. I have lived in the mountains along The Peak to Peak Highway for the last 20 years,

I am at peace here, these woods are my home. I have the great honor of raising my son, Dagan, in this beautiful place. Being outside and active is what keeps me going. I believe what adds to my skill as a therapist is that I have experienced many injuries myself and I deeply understand the pain process as well as the emotional toll it takes on a persons spirit. I look forward to helping you find your healing trail!


 ~ John Hansen

I graduated from Carrington College in Tucson, AZ in 2010 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Prior to this, I worked in the I.T. field for 15 years where I sat at a desk for hours at a time. I was also dealing with a shoulder injury that resulted in reconstructive surgery. It was during my rehab for my shoulder that I became interested in massage therapy as a healing modality. The bodywork I received post surgery greatly helped my recovery and I knew this was something I wanted to pursue as sitting at a desk all day was also beginning to take a toll on my body.

I specialize in deep tissue, sports massage, range of motion, pain management, injury/ surgery recovery and prenatal. I truly understand how sitting at a computer all day can cause great stress to the mind and body. This, combined with the knowledge I gained going through reconstructive surgery myself has helped build upon the skills I learned while in school. I am very aware of the ups and downs that come with healing an injury and enjoy helping clients on this journey.

When I’m not doing massage therapy I enjoy skiing, hiking, music, and billiards.