Massage Therapy

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The Tonic Trails Massage

Each session at Tonic Trails is individually tailored to your needs. Therapists will draw from the following modalities to create a treatment focused on decreasing discomfort and restoring balance to the body.

  • 60 Minute $125
  • 90 Minute $165
  • 120 Minute $220
  • 180 Minute $310

Modalities Used To Create Your Custom Massage​

See below for a more detailed look at the modalities used during our Singature Tonic Trails Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage icon
Deep Tissue Massage

This technique involves firm pressure and slower strokes to the deep layers of muscle and fascia. It is beneficial for relieving chronic pain and limited range of motion in areas such as the neck, back, and legs.

Neuromuscular Massage icon
Neuromuscular Therapy

A specialized form of manual therapy that works with the central nervous system to alleviate pain and dysfunction by releasing trigger points, adhesions, ischemia, nerve compression/entrapment, as well as improving postural distortions and poor biomechanics. Techniques used include Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Active Isolated Stretching, Positional Release, and Myofascial Release.

Myofascial Release icon
Myofascial Release

Used to treat skeletal muscle restrictions and pain by releasing tightness in myofascial connective tissue. Deep, sustained pressure is applied to the tissue without lotion.

Sports Massage icon
Sports Massage

Used before, during, and after an athletic event in order to help an individual sustain peak performance as well as aid in recovery. Sports Massage uses classic Swedish strokes, stretching, and cross fiber friction to improve flexibility, reduce swelling, relieve muscle tension/soreness, and prevent injury.

23+ Years of Experience icon
Lymph Drainage

This technique is used to stimulate the flow of lymph, the fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body.  Basically, the lymph system takes the garbage out and brings the groceries in.  While some selling is a good thing, problems arise when the area gets backed up and the area becomes stagnant, nothing is moving in or out.  Lymph Drainage is incorporated into a session to manage lymphedema (inflammation) from injury as well as detoxification.  We have seen a few rattlesnake bites here and LD was a powerful tool to relieve the leg of incredible inflammation and bruising.  Add essential oils to your LD session and your body will thank you.

Team Approach icon
Graston Technique

A stainless steel tool is used to break up scar tissue and fascial restrictions during rehabilitation to restore range of motion, muscle tonicity, and relieve pain.

Other Specialties

Red Rocks Recovery Massage

Feeling the effects from an evening of getting down at Red Rocks? Calf muscles and quads screaming at you from jumping up and down and climbing all those stairs? Party a bit too hard? We got you! This massage will focus on releasing all the knots in those tired and sore muscles. Essential oils will be used to alleviate tension, promote detoxification, and help you relax. You’ll definitely want to choose this service if you’re in town for a string of shows!

60 Minute $130 | 90 Minute $170

Prenatal Massage

 Receiving massage during pregnancy has many benefits including alleviating back and hip pain, reducing labor pain during childbirth, reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood, and easing insomnia. A variety of techniques will be used to help reduce muscle tension and help Mom relax for a bit. 

60 minutes $125

Lymph Drainage Spot Treatment

Lymph Drainage is a specific technique used to relieve areas of the body of inflammation and bruising. Most commonly used on injuries which have created swelling such as sprains, carpal tunnels, contusions, and overuse. Lymph Drainage is also an amazing tool for reducing the symptoms of Lymphedema and Sinus problems.

20 minutes $30 

Comprehensive Jaw Treatment

30 minutes of jaw specific work to help address TMJ as well as other symptoms associated with jaw clenching including headaches, pelvic floor dysfunction, carpal tunnel, neck pain, tinnitus, and so much more.

30 minutes $65

Add-On Services:


 Using salt stones during a massage not only feels amazing, but has many therapeutic benefits for the body and mind as well. The warm stones help release tight muscles, calm the nervous system, increase an overall sense of wellbeing, relieve pain in joints and tissues, and due to their high mineral content provide much needed nutrition to the metabolism.


$20 Add-on


The application of essential oils on muscles and joints during a treatment is an incredible way to enhance the benefits of massage.  Therapists will use several pure, therapeutic grade oils from Restore Hope Oils to decrease pain, swelling, spasms, bruising, and stress as well as increase circulation, improve mood, and mental clarity.  It is quite the treat for the mind and body.  

$15 Add-on

Ways to Save!


60 Minute Package $450:
series of 4 with a 10% discount, $50 savings

90 Minute Package $600:
series of 4 with a 10% discount, $66 savings

*Must be used within 8 months


Introductory rate for our new clients!

60 Minute $110 
90 minute $145 

Early Bird Special!

Book a massage between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon Monday through Thursday and receive 10$ off!

Benefits of Arnica Oil

We Proudly Use Arnica Oil and Restore Hope Oils During Our Massage Services

Arnica has been used to soothe inflammation, bruising, and muscle pain since the 1500s. The helenalin in the flower is a powerful anti-inflammatory that provides the medicinal properties of the oil.  Most commonly the oil is used for bruising, arthritis, sprains, and muscle soreness.  The Arnica Oil used and sold at Tonic Trails is responsibly wildcrafted in the mountains of Colorado.  The flowers are placed in mason jars with jojoba oil and sit in my windowsill for 2 months allowing the sunshine to extract all that healing goodness.  You will find that this Arnica Oil is more powerful that those found in the store. 

Tonic Trails has also partnered with Restore Hope Oils to bring you some of the best quality therapeutic essential oils around.  Gavin Poulton, the founder of Restore Hope Oils, is so passionate about essential oils and his knowledge is mind blowing.  I have worked with many different essential oil companies over the years, and these are hands down the purest and most effective.  Plus, Gavin is just a wonderful human and has an incredible story about his own health journey including a healing a rare liver disease with one of his own essential oil formulations. 

Click the link below to check out Restore Hope Oils offerings and use code TONICTRAILS at checkout for 10% off.