Membership Plans

Purchasing a Membership with Tonic Trails is a great way to stay on top of your selfcare routine while receiving a discount.  Often, we recommend people come back to see us in a month and we never hear from them, or they pop up months later with an aggravated injury.  Seeing the monthly charge come through on a credit card is a great reminder to get a massage on the books.  We’ve been offering Memberships for a few years now and have really seen compliance increase which is the goal.  

Here are the details:

  • Credit card gets charged on the same date every month with a 10% discount.
  • You may receive up to 4 massages in the month with a 10% discount.
  • If a massage is not used in the month, it will be rolled over to the next month.
  • You can cancel at any time.

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60 Minute Membership $90 90 Minute Membership $121.50