Massage Therapy

Each session at Tonic Trails is individually tailored to your needs. Therapists will draw from the following modalities to create a treatment focused on relieving your aches and pains.

* Deep Tissue Massage: this technique involves firm pressure and slower strokes to the deep layers of muscle and fascia. It is beneficial for relieving chronic pain and limited range of motion in areas such as the neck, back, and legs.

* Neuromuscular Therapy: a specialized form of manual therapy that works with the central nervous system to alleviate pain and dysfunction by releasing trigger points, adhesions, ischemia, nerve compression/entrapment, as well as improving postural distortions and poor biomechanics. Techniques used include Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Active Isolated Stretching, Positional Release, and Myofascial Release.

* Myofascial Release: used to treat skeletal muscle restrictions and pain by releasing tightness in myofascial connective tissue. Deep, sustained pressure is applied to the tissue without lotion.

*Sports Massage: used before, during, and after an athletic event in order to help an individual sustain peak performance as well as aid in recovery. Sports Massage uses classic Swedish strokes, stretching, and cross fiber friction to improve flexibility, reduce swelling, relieve muscle tension/soreness, and prevent injury.

* Lymph Drainage: this technique is used to stimulate the flow of lymph, the fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body. Lymph Drainage is incorporated into treatments to treat lymphedema (swelling and build up of lymph in soft tissue) resulting from injury and infection. This an amazing treatment with instant results. We have even seen a few Rattlesnake bite injuries here and Lymph Drainage was a powerful tool to heal the swelling and bruising.

* Graston Technique: a stainless steel tool is used to break up scar tissue and fascial restrictions during rehabilitation to restore range of motion, muscle tonicity, and relieve pain.
30 Minutes (for current clients) $45.00 60 Minutes $90.00 90 Minutes $115.00 120 Minutes $150.00 20 Minute Lymph Drainage Session $25.00

Also Offering:

Prenatal Massage: therapeutic massage during pregnancy provides support and pain relief to the muscles and joints of a woman’s changing body. Low back and hip pain are a common complaint during pregnancy as the growing fetus pulls the pelvis into more of an anterior tilt. Other benefits include reduced swelling, increased circulation, relaxation, and better sleep.

Aromatherapy: the application of Essential Oils on muscles and joints during a treatment is an incredible to way to enhance the benefits of massage. Therapists will use a number of various oils to reduce such things as pain, swelling, spasms, bruising, and stress as well as increase circulation, improve mood, and mental clarity. It is quite the treat to the mind, body, and soul. $10.00

Price List

  • 60 minute 100
  • 90 minute 135
  • 30 minute 55
  • 120 minute 165
  • Prenatal 60 minute 100
  • Prenatal 75 minute 110
  • Buy 4 90 minute 486
  • Buy 4 60 minute 360

Client Testimonial

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Client Testimonial

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Client Testimonial

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