If you have muscle pain, do yourself a favor and have a visit with Felice Freiwald of “Tonic Trails” BEFORE you spend on a doctor and before you buy a new mattress! I’m told I’m one of her most extreme cases as I had 7 surgeries in just under 10 months in 2016 including 2 total hip replacements, 2 knee replacements, both hands and a foot. I have severe osteoarthritis throughout my body and am 66 yrs. old. My surgeons were the best in their fields and my physical therapies went well. I made record breaking progress quite quickly considering what I went through, but pain persisted with the soft connective tissues due to the shock to my system. While Felice’s title is “Neuromuscular Massage Therapist”, when I tell others about her, I refer to her as a “Muscle Therapist” lest anyone misunderstand that you may be looking forward to a “Cream Puff” massage!

Her knowledge of human anatomy is vast and her skills in manipulating soft tissue is deep and extremely effective. She also sometimes recommends certain stretching exercises that can contribute to you feeling better during your daily routines. I am an Equestrian and ride religiously in the discipline of Dressage 5 days a week. If you don’t know, Equestrian athletes have the highest rate of injury of any sport in the world. I have been riding since I was 4 and most my friends at the barn are also long term riders. I have referred several of them to Felice and they can’t even begin to express how effective she is for them and they haven’t had ANY surgeries – just former horse related types of injuries!

Most of all, she is a very caring soul of each and every one of her patients and unlike most clinicians these days, she is happy to communicate with you outside of her office to keep her updated on your condition. This direct communication, whether just returning an e-mail, text or phone call is rare in the medical field and MUCH appreciated by someone like me.

I know no one who isn’t completely pleased with their experiences with her. Feel better soon!

Marie McDonald


I have been seeing Felice for many years, mostly for her incredible/intuitive sports massage therapy. She is the best massage therapist I have ever had!

Her fingers, mixed with her deep intuition of the body, create a very powerful combination. Felice also performs a treatment called “lymph drainage” in which she “awakens” the lymphatic system to help aid in detoxification. It’s a very simple process (and feels amazing), but it’s benefits are powerful.

I had my first experience with lymph draining in 2018, after I was bitten by a rattlesnake. Once released from the ICU and sent home, Felice had me come in for several sessions in order to begin the process of cleaning out and awakening my lymphatic system, ie. to help drain the venom from my leg. To my surprise, I never once bruised or had any discoloration from the snake bite. As a reference point, this particular snake was a very large, he sunk both fangs into my ankle, and administered enough venom to nearly kill a 130-lb woman. It was no small amount of venom. Furthermore, if you Google “what does it look like after you get bit by a rattlesnake,” (which I wouldn’t recommend) then you would understand why I was surprised that not only did I not get any discoloration, but the leg swelling went down rather fast. I truly owe the quick healing to Felice and her incredible lymph draining technique.

She is a true healer, in every sense of the word.

Sage Crowe


I have been a client at Tonic Trails for approximately 6 years, and Felice has kept my joints and muscles running smoothly thru multitudes of endurance cycling events (Leadville 100’s, Bailey Hundo’s, Ouachita Challenge’s, etc.,). I participate in in trail running, crossfit and cycling and at 47 years old, getting ahead of large and small muscular problems is the key to remaining active and fit.
I try to go once a month, and we typically find some area of tightness/imbalance that I had not realized was there, until it’s no longer effecting me. Literally, I have limped in to her office at Tonic Trails explained the problem, and 60 minutes later, leave, walking completely pain free, and upright! Sometime she makes me cry though. Not in an emotional manner. In a “Wholly Smokes” what the hell are you doing to my hamstring manner, then, amazingly – it’s free, no tightness and I’m good to get out and after the trails again!

Craig C



I am a firm believer in the work that Felice does. I have several examples that I would like to share.
Shoulders – After working slouched over a computer for over 30 years, I developed terrible pain in my shoulders, as well as having only a limited range of motion. I was concerned and convinced that I could be facing surgery – on both shoulders. Felice worked on both shoulders and after a few sessions, I was pain free and able to do things that I had not been able to do for awhile. So much better and faster that surgery!

Ankle – I had ankle surgery and once it healed, I discovered that I still had pain that radiated up my shin. I went to therapy that was recommended but it did not help…at all. I went to Felice and she worked on my ankle and the muscles around the ankle. The improvement was amazing. It made me wonder, did I really need the surgery??

Hip – I had bursitis in my hip and had to have a cortisone shot. The pain was unbelievable. It felt as though I had somehow broke by hip. The shot helped tremendously, but not something I wanted to continue doing. Just having a massage treatment on a regular basis with Felice has eliminated the pain – I can even lay on the hip now when I sleep.

I can’t say enough good about Felice and the work that she does. She is very knowledgable about the human body and what she can do to help you.

Rochelle Denner
Golden, Co