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What Makes Us Unique

Tonic Trails has been offering massage therapy to the folks of Golden and surrounding areas since 2000. We have a strong passion for keeping our clients active and out on the trail. All our massage therapists have several years of experience and have graduated from some of the top schools in the country. Treatments at Tonic Trails pull from several modalities including neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, sports and Swedish massage. We also incorporate the use of a graston tool, cupping, and essential oils to create the best treatment for each individual. Your therapist will do a deep dive into your lifestyle and injury history which will provide us with the information we need to best understand your body and get you feeling your best. Sometimes it takes a team of professionals to help you recover and we work with the best PTs, chiropractors, and doctors in the area. We recently moved out of downtown Golden and are now located in a clean, quiet retail space in the Golden Ridge Shopping Center with plenty of parking. We are also 100% ADA compliant including electric massage tables to help clients with disabilities and injuries get safely on and off the table.

Whether you’re looking to recover from a long day on the trail, heal an injury, want to relax, or all of the above come on by and check us out! Happy Trails!

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Clean, Quiet Setting
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Professional Staff
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Team Approach
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23+ Years of Experience

Tonic Trails Membership

Purchasing a Membership with Tonic Trails is a great way to keep yourself on a monthly massage schedule while receiving a 10% discount. Many folks intend to come in once a month to help keep injuries at bay, but the busyness of life often gets in the way. Seeing the charge come through on your credit card is an awesome reminder to get on our schedule and keep up with your selfcare routine. No fee to join!

Massage Therapy

Tonic Trails specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. These modalities include the use of trigger point therapy, stretching, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, and cross fiber friction to reduce pain, increase mobility, and restore function to the tissue. Rehabbing an injury requires several techniques and your therapist will tailor each session to your individual needs so that you can get back to doing what you love as quickly as possible.

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Deep Tissue Massage
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Neuromuscular Therapy
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Sports Massage
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Myofascial Release
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Prenatal Massage
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Infrared Sauna

Tonic Trails uses a Sunlighten medical grade full spectrum infrared sauna. The healing rays of near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths are used to detoxify, boost immunity, improve circulation, aid in weight loss, increase muscle recovery, relax, and improve the appearance of skin.

Getting your sweat on is an incredible way to improve your health and enhance the benefits of your massage. 30 to 45 minute sessions are available after your massage or come in any time to take your health to the next level.

Functional Health

Struggling with low energy, brain fog, weight gain, skin issues, pain, depression, and more? Have you been to the doctor and all they want to do is prescribe a pill? Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® can help you find real answers to your health concerns.

Through detailed health assessments and functional lab testing I can help you uncover hidden stressors in your metabolism which may be contributing to a loss of balance in your body. Discovering which foods work best for each unique individual along with sleep, exercise, stress reduction, and some supplementation we will work to resolve metabolic chaos®, restore homeostasis, and get you back to life feeling better than ever.

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